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Genuine Professional Ghanaian Bougarabou drum, 12", or 31 cm head, and 24" or 61 cm height. You are purchasing one of these drums with the hair still on the drum skin head, which tends to have a deeper base and are gentler on the hand.


See my other listing for a smooth shaved skin drum skin head.


This drum has a much deeper sound than the djembe. The skin is cowskin, so it has a powerful base sound. It is known as the African Conga. These quality drums have a fantastic tonal range, from a piercing slap to a deep resounding bass. They manage a dynamic range from a roar to a whisper.


They are fair trade and hand made in Ghana by professional African musicians.


They have been made to be played, for beautiful sound.


The drum body is made from African Cedar ( called Tweneboa ). This is a fast growing tree. All our wood is obtained under license from the forestry commission in Ghana. Using this wood is less damaging for the environment than hardwood or fiberglass drums. The head is made from cow skins, and we use rope to tune the drum.


These drums can be tuned to accommodate our changeable weather.


The drums are reasonably light, much lighter than hardwood drums. They are easily carried and very manageable, so are particularly suited to schools and workshop leaders.

African Bougarabou Drum - Unshaved 12" Drum Head

SKU: 0021
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