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Pair of African Djembe conga drums, 11", or 31 cm head, 67 cm height.

These beautiful drum have a fantastic tonal range, from a piercing slap to a deep resounding bass. They manage a dynamic range from a roar to a whisper. 

They are fair trade and hand made in Ghana by professional African musicians. They have been made to be played, for beautiful sound. The skin is goat skin, and each drum has a different pitch, so they can be played together. Rope is used so the drums can be tuned to accommodate our changeable weather. 

You will see many cheaper drums made in factories in the Far East. The reasons for choosing a genuine African Fair Trade Drum;


  • the drum body is made from African Cedar (called Tweneboa). This is a fast growing tree. All our wood is obtained under license from the forestry commission in Ghana. Using this wood is less damaging for the environment than hardwood drums,
  • they are individually hand made by African drummers rather than mass produced in factories. We have been working in partnership with these musicians for 18 years and we aim to promote and strengthen ancient African musical traditions, 
  • the skins are made from strong tough African goats skin rather than weakened skins bleached for aesthetic reasons as is common with mass produced drums.    

Pair of African Conga drums, with 11" head.

  • Full refund within 14 days. The buyer pays the cost of return postage.

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