This is an exceptional handmade Fair Trade Ghanaian 21 string Kora. The instrument’s body is composed of a long hardwood neck that passes through a calabash gourd resonator, itself covered by a leather soundboard. It has 21 strings anchored to the neck with wooden pegs. The neck and gourd are covered in goats skin and the resonator is beautifully decorated in cowrie shells as shown in the pictures.


The strings are plucked with the thumb and forefinger of each hand. The instruments is provided untuned.


Height @ 132cm


Gourd resonator = height 19cm x width 40.5cm (at largest circumference) 


Bridge to floor height = 32cm


Bridge height 13cm 


As this instruments is hadnmade from natural materials the dimensions may be slightly different.

Ghanaian Kora - 21 strings

SKU: 0013

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