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The 8 Key Xylophone from Ghana is great as a percussion instrument that allows freedom to explore and create. Handcrafted in Ghana in the traditional style of northern Ghana and Burkina Faso, this xylophone is a fully function but portable version of the instrument. 


* The eight tones range from low to high in succession, which combine to make interesting, "earth-tone" melodies. 

* Heat dried keys to help maintain tonality and prevent cracking

* Solid frame construction using wood and rope 

* Gourds under each blade to amplify and sustain sound 

* Low notes rake upward to allow room for larger gourds 

* Two rubber mallets included 



Length - 53cm

Largest Key - 37.5cm x 5.4cm

Smallest Key - 28.5cm x 4cm

Height from floor to highest point 28cm

Height from floor to lowest point 20cm 

Ghanian Wooden 8 Key Xylophone

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